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Creatures Great & Small are located at:
127 High Street
Essex CM12 9AH

The Creatures Great & Small pet store and dog grooming parlour in Billericay is well known in the South Essex area as a supplier of high quality brands of pet food and other products. We also have a strong reputation for the quality of our pet care services such as grooming, feeding and our home care services – a very attractive option to dog kennels or boarding catteries.

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Pet Store & Grooming Parlour

Alternative to Dog & Cat Boarding - Billericay

Services provided by Creatures Great & Small can not only make life easier for pet owners but can also ensure that your pet is monitored for signs of illness or other potential problems. Creatures Great & Small have trained staff with knowledge and experience of how to keep pets healthy and happy. Walking and exercise are an important part of a dog’s health and mental well being. If for any reason it is not possible or is difficult for you to walk your dog Creatures Great & Small can step in with their excellent dog walking service.

Animal Activities in Billericay

Dog walking is not only a great pastime but an enjopyable career move for a number of reasons. The benefits of walking alone are enough to encourage a person to become a dog walker. Creatures Great & Small have some great jobs in this area. Check out the details on the Job Opportunities page of our website.

Billericay Places of Interest

Barleylands farm & craft village in Billericay is a fantastic day out full of enticing themed adventures for children and activities including learning about farming, the countryside and traditional crafts.

Hedgehogs to Snakes Billericay, Rabbit & Small Animal Rescue - Wickford, Animal Control Service - Basildon

Animal Workshops are available in Billericay where children and adults can learn about and  become accustomed to many types of animal from hedgehogs and mice, to lizards and snakes.
Hunters Rabbit and Small Animal Rescue is an animal welfare and care organisation based in Wickford, Essex and catering to unwanted pets and found animals. Basildon Borough Council have a comprehensive Animal Control Service who will:

  • Locate and seize stray dogs within the area.
  • Promote and inform on how to be a responsible pet owner.
  • Micro-chip animals if required.

The website also has an extensive list of helpful information downloads Capturing stray dogs was previously the responsibility of the police.

Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary - Ingatestone, Wildlife Club - South Benfleet

Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary and animal centre offers rehabilitation and care for 200 horses, ponies, donkeys, goats, pigs, sheep, cows and cats in the heart of the Essex countryside. These are animals which have been victims of mental or physical abuse due to malicious intent or ignorance. The centre is purely donation funded and is located in Ingatestone.
The largest wildlife club for children and young people in the world is the RSPB Explorers for ages 12 and below. The club is active in and around the South Benfleet area and has fun events and pastimes related to bird watching, preservation of the environment and interesting and exciting walks.

Interactive Zoo - South Woodham Ferrers, Cats Protection Centre - Rayleigh

Tropical Wings Zoo is an interactive zoo at South Woodham Ferrers which aims to provide an exciting learning experience whatever the weather. Fun quizzes, unique sessions and animal adoption services are just a few of the activities at this centre. The Cats Protection Rayleigh Castle Point and District is a centre which takes in stray cats and also tries to encourage and promote neutering of cats. Active since 1984 this organisation holds regular fund raisers like jumble sales, craft fairs and bazaars.  

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